Zone 6B?

Well, for those of you that find this… hello.  This is my first official blog post!   I’m slowly going to be refining the look of this site as I learn how to use wordpress, but in the meantime, I figured I’d get started.

Some of you might be wondering why I called this blog ZONE6B.  Well, I live in Niagara Falls, Canada and according to the USDA climate charts we’re in a zone 6b. The name seemed to make sense to me as I’m going to be blogging about my experiences growing Carnivorous Plants outdoors in zone 6b.

I grow Sarracenia and Dionaea and a few token Drosera species outdoors year round with great success.  I have been growing outdoors now for 4 years.  Up until that time, I grew all my plants in a greenhouse.  I finally made the leap of faith. I sold my greenhouse after 20 years and moved my entire Sarracenia (and other hardy CP) collection into outdoor bogs.

Seeing how Spring is just around the corner, this seemed to be a logical time to start documenting my outdoor growing experiences.  I hope that many of you find this interesting and useful.  It might be all the incentive you need to move your plants outside.



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5 Responses to Zone 6B?

  1. RL7836 says:

    Hi Carl,
    Congratulation on the blog! I’ll be following your adventures with the outdoor bogs as I was unable to maintain a bog here in central NJ (zone 6A – but close to the 6B line). Every winter, I lost a few prized Sarracenia and VFTs died most years.
    – was this your 1st winter?

    • Carl Mazur says:

      I can’t say I have had ANY losses… But they have few and far in between. This is the start of the fourth growing season for me outdoors! Thanks for taking interest.. I hope this will be of use to you!

  2. Rob says:

    Hey Carl! Awesome blog! I look forward to reading up on your posts and experiences in growing these plants in your zone. This is exactly the stuff people need see in order to challenge the pre-conceived notions that terrariums or greenhouses are needed for these plants. RAD stuff my friend! Cheers!

  3. Carl Mazur says:

    Thanks Rob, I think this is going to be a lot of fun

  4. Hi Carl,
    I look forward to reading about your experiences. I do a similar blog dealing with growing in zone 4. Check it out sometime:

    -Aaron C.

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