The Ice Age is Coming to an End!

One of the things that folks in the warmer climates just don’t get is that sense of joy that us northerners get when the snow starts to melt away.  By no means is it Spring here… but March is that transition time when you can really start to feel that Spring is just around the corner.

Its hard to believe that my plants have been buried in snow since December.  I never worry about my plants when there is a snow cover.  The snow is a great insulator and keeps the plants away from the drying winds.  The thick layer of pine needles will also protect the plants from the wind when the snow cover melts during those mid winter thaws we get here.

I took a look and I can now see open areas of pine needs and the odd cut back sarracenia leaves poking through them. I won’t be long before the pine needles are removed.


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One Response to The Ice Age is Coming to an End!

  1. Chungfish says:

    I grow my plants in zone 5a, and the snow melting brings such joy! Sadly, we will get more snow in the days to come…

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