What a difference a day makes!

So yesterday it rained, it started yesterday morning around 4am. It rained (heavy at times) ALL DAY! in fact, when we got home at 11:00 last night from a friends Birthday, it was STILL raining! Not much snow left, just the odd little pile here and there!

Somewhere shortly after we got home the cold front came through and the rain changed to snow! This morning we’re buried. Looks to be 15cm’s (6 inches) on the ground already and they are calling for another 15cm or so during the day today! Good thing I didn’t put the snow shovel away!

It’s supposed to be above freezing here for the next 15 days according the accuweather’s 15 day forecast! So I don’t think this snow will stay around long.

That’s what March can be like here in Zone6b.

PS. I’d post a photo, but its too depressing!

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