What a Difference a Year Makes

Ever blogged for the sake of blogging? Well I haven’t until today.

On the bog front there is very little to blog about. That’s due to the very cool (dare I say COLD) Spring we’re experiencing here in Zone6b. Looking at our 15 day forecast… there really isn’t much improvement. Most days look to be below seasonal. Ok, not all is doom and gloom! There looks to be a few nice days mixed in there! But the general trend is cool for this time of year!

Last year around this time my flavas were almost open! If you want to see what my flavas look like this year, just look at the previous post that shows the flower buds poking out! Add a cm in height and there you go! Not even worth taking a picture.

I’ll be honest, flavas blooming around the third week of April is really early for this area!  I visited some bog sites late April early May in North Carolina and the flavas and purps were in bloom there! So late April is considered very early for here!  On a typical season, we’re looking around the 3rd week of May.

Hey, maybe we’ll just bypass Spring altogether and one day soon it will instantly turn Summer and it’ll finally get WARM! That thought makes me think of one of my favorite SuperTramp songs “DREAMER”!


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