OK… So I’m not dead!

I know, I know… its been REALLY quiet over here!  Well… that’s pretty much because there has not been a lot of news.  Spring has been BRUTAL here.  I’m at the point now, where I think I should give up growing Sarracenia and go into building arks!  We have had so much rain, it doesn’t seem to stop! Not only rainy, but cool… Ok who am I kidding? COLD! The forecast is looking up… both from the temperature point of view… they’re calling for 26C-27C (I’ll believe that what I see it).  I’ll settle for season temps with some sun at this point!

However, after saying that… my flava’s are going to be in bloom soon.  A few days of warmth and sun (I hope) and the Spring show should start!

I hope to be back really soon with some pics!


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2 Responses to OK… So I’m not dead!

  1. Rob says:

    Can’t wait to see pics!
    Down here it’s typically not this cold and wet in MAY … but it is! Some parts of the county reported hail as well! Lookin’ forward to seeing photos of how your bog is doing!

  2. Justin says:

    Oh I agree!!! The only this growing here is grass, my bog looks like it’s been is suspended animation since that one week of sun.

    Here’s to looking forward to some sun!!!

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