Well it’s about time!

So how do you know when it’s officially Spring in Zone6B? The the pitcher plants start to bloom.  Yep the long awaited show is finally starting.

Among the first to flower in this bog are the oreophila.  To left of the oreophila is a flava x purpurea cross that naturally happened in one my bogs when I was kid. I’ve had it for THAT long!  Its a real looker!  I’ll be sure to put some pics of that one up later in the season

Drosera filiformis is another early favorite.  This plant is extremely invasive!  I remove all the flower stalks most years.  When I feel like adding some new plants I let them seed!

The Venus Flytraps are now putting out spring growth fast and furious.  Below is Akai Ryu and below that a “generic”!


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3 Responses to Well it’s about time!

  1. Steve Booth says:

    Looking good, I just love it when a bog comes back to life. Looks like you’ve got some binata by the typical VFT too. There is going to be a great show of flowers.
    All the best

  2. Carl Mazur says:

    Hey! how did that binata get there! I have some binata in one of the other bog gardens that I planted outside to see if they would survive. Its clear not only have they been surviving, they have been breeding!


  3. Carl F says:

    Lookin very good man, FINALLY

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