Another CP Habitat Destroyed!

Ok… so the title sounds bad, but not really.  The only habitat being destroyed is mine!  The time has finally come to redo my bog gardens.

When I finally decided to sell my greenhouse and grow all my Sarracenia out-doors year round, I had to do a quick bog build as it was pretty late in the growing season.  Nothing is quicker than sinking some kiddie pools into the ground.  So that’s what I did.  My temporary solution turned out to last me into this my 4th growing season.  Here is a look at the setup.  As you notice, there is LOTS of wasted space that could be filled up with plants. Not to mention its butt ugly!  A mess of weeds, and frankly, not all that pretty to look at!

The other issue is light.  As you can see in the photo above, the one side is more shaded! So I’ve opted to make the growing area shorter but wider. This means removing some of the patio you see in the foreground.  That certainly wasn’t on my top 10 list of things to do this year! The other issue is that chunk of concrete you see in the bottom left. The person who owned this house at one time was a Ham Radio enthusiast and that was the base for the tower!  It was a simple fix I figured, I rented a jack hammer last year to try to get rid of it.  My neighbor happened to see me and told me that the cement goes down about six feet!  He saw the guy dig the hole and fill it with concrete! So… it became a pad for my grill, or a place to put potted plants, or just a little patio to but a chair on and surround myself with my plants.  Anyway, its not going to be there in my new design. It’ll still be there, you just won’t see it! More of that to come in later posts.

So here is a shot after removing a row of stones. I forgot how thick the gravel was! Not to mention how heavy those things are!

Well after my full day of work, I managed to resize the patio and get a start on the first box.  I dug up and temporarily potted up the plants in that purple kiddie pool. With any luck tomorrow, I’ll finish up the first box and replant the plants! Here’s where I left things today.

I’m bagged, gonna hit the hay soon… Anybody need any free soil? Gonna have lots after I dig the area out!!!


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4 Responses to Another CP Habitat Destroyed!

  1. lacey j. says:

    Your growing area is amazing! So many beautiful (and flowering) plants; the space will be top notch when it is finished. I wish you the best of luck with your project 🙂

    and btw … cracking up about the concret pad hehehe.

  2. Josh says:

    Hate to get all retroactive on you again, but what did you do for the wading pool’s drainage back when you kept all your plants in them? I’m puzzled because any holes made in those containers would let water out below ground where it hasn’t anywhere to go.

    • Carl Mazur says:

      It wouldn’t drain quickly, but it would seep into the soil around the pool slowly. An option is to speed up the drainage would be to make the hole a bit larger than the pool and backfill with gravel. this will allow the water out faster 🙂

      • Josh says:

        Aha! Gravel would be a good idea. The only thing I’d be concerned about is water below ground level backwashing into the container and carrying with it plenty of ‘evil’ minerals, but I guess it depends on the ground composition and its drainage properties.

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