One Down! Two to Go!

After day two, my first bog is pretty much completed.  Five bales of Peat Moss and two bags of glass, its pretty much done.  Hey, wait a minute, I just said two bags of glass!? What’s with that?  Let me explain.  I don’t know how it is in other countries, but here in Canada, Silica sand is a banned substance! You cannot purchase it any more.  My substitute, ground glass.  Our recycling company here in Niagara grinds glass into what looks like sand and sells it.  It cheap, $5.00 bucks a 50 pound bag, its environmentally friendly, its helps out our local economy… ok its cheap! Anyway, its inert and serves the same function as the silica – to help keep the soil drained an open.

Here is my daughter filling up the bog.

After finishing the frame and digging out the inside, I covered the bottom with a thick layer of news paper.  This helps protect the liner.  As for the liner, pond liner is optimal, but frankly WAY TO EXPENSIVE! I’d be spending hundred of dollars for liner. What I’ve used in the past and had no issue with is vapor barrier. This is super thick stuff. I double it up and use two layers.  It won’t be in contact with the sun, so it’ll be just fine.

Next five bales of peat.  My daughter and I jumped around in for an hour until it was all moistened.  Lastly,  I mixed up a batch of 60/40 or so, glass/peat.   I covered the bog with a layer about an inch or so thick. then I mixed it with the pure peat. Then I mixed up another batch of 50/50 (or so) peat /glass and covered the bog with another layer.

The finished product is mainly pure peat with a 5-6 in layer of peat/glass mix.  I trimmed the liner down a bit, took one more photo and called it day!  Now all I need to do is add a drain.  Yep, you want a drain about 3 inches below the surface so the top of the bog doesn’t turn to soup with a good rain.

There’s lots more to be done!


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4 Responses to One Down! Two to Go!

  1. Julian says:

    Hi Carl. Looking good.
    Why is real sand banned from sale in Canada? Was too much being removed buy suppliers from natural environments?
    Over here in NZ natural sand is mined direct from beaches for a variety of uses. One of these is the placement of nice white sand from a far removed beach onto the beaches of our major city to make them look prettier than they naturally are! Still seems bizarre, vain and necessary…..

    • Carl Mazur says:

      We can buy all sorts of sand here… But silica sand is banned due to the fact it causes silicosis. Basically micro particles of silica dust cut the tissues inside the lungs and the damage is un repairable. Frankly I don’t get it. I understand if you’re sand blasting with the stuff daily… Really, you get more silica in your lungs with a day at the beach than you would mixing it in peat moss

  2. Julian says:

    That should read “unnecessary” in last line.

  3. David Smith says:

    Silica sand is not banned in Canada. Only certain provinces.

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