Bog 1 – DONE

After putting in the liner and peat/glass mix, I had to install a draining mechanism.  See that pot in the bottom right of the photo? That serves as a drain! Let me show you.

First I drilled a one inch hole in the wood frame about 3 inches down from the top surface of the planting media. I did my best not to drill the plastic.  Then I drilled a hole in the pot. I then cut a small X in the plastic liner and inserted the tube from the inside so that the plastic went into the hole and formed a sort of seal.  Inside the pot, I put a coupling fitting over the end of the pipe to secure it in the pot!  I will likely fill the pot with stone and cover it with something decorative! Anyone have spare lawn gnome? LOL!

Finally it was time to put in the plants. So I took the plants, divided,  clipped and cleaned them. Then I gave them a good spray of the garden hose to remove all the old media from the roots and planted them into their new home.  It looks so empty… but I know if not time, it will fill up!  Last thing after I’m done planting is a layer of chopped pine needles!

On a side note… was thrilled… today was the first day here in Zone6b that hit 32C.  LOVE IT!


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2 Responses to Bog 1 – DONE

  1. Julian says:

    Nice job. Oh yeah, that’s going to look great when everything grows in. These sort of display boxes do exactly that – really display the plants as a feature. Looking forward to seeing it flourish!

  2. Steve Booth says:

    Looking great already! it will soon fill out, then you’ll need more bogs.
    Is that one down and six to go?
    32C! over here in the UK weve barely broken through the 20C mark yet, but it promises to be a good summer.
    Good luck with the rest of teh project and I hope your back holds out.

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