Two? Actually only ONE!

Well here is a rarity. This is Sarracenia purpurea ssp venosa var venosa. So what’s the deal? What’s so special? Well this one comes from a site in Georgia USA.  To the best of my knowledge, this plant is only supposed to be extant in two counties in GA, Evans, and Tatnall.

I was lucky enough to visit this site in 2004. This site was in Tatnall Co. I asked my guide from GA natural resources how far the Evans Co. site was away from this one, and if we had time could we visit.  He said sure! He walked with me about two hundred metres or so East of where we were and said. “Here you are, Evans County purpurea site”.

So technically, there is only one site for these plants in the entire state, it happens to straddle the Evans/Tatnall County line!

An interesting side note.  When setting up this visit with the guy from GA natural resources, I asked if he happened to know a gent named Drapalik. He was a botany professor at Georgia Southern College.  I explained that I was asking because my first experience with Sarracenia in the south was with Mr. Drapalik when I was 16 years old. He was kind enough to meet with me and my family while on a family vacation in Savannah GA . He took time during his spring break to tour me and my family around some CP sites in the Statesboro area! That’s how I got hooked!  Anyway, unknown to me, the GNR guy contacted Mr. Drapalik and arranged for him to meet with me at a S. flava site we were planning to visit! It had been 20 years since I had seen him… It was so very cool to tell him that it was he who planted the seeds of what turned out to be a life long interest, hobby and obsession!

Here is photo of Mr. Drapalik and myself in a GA powerline near Stateboro GA. in 2004.  I don’t know if he’s still around, if not, he has certainly left a legacy in me!


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3 Responses to Two? Actually only ONE!

  1. Julian says:

    Really interesting story. Especially about Mr. Drapalik. Those moments of connection are worth their weight in gold when you look back on them – priceless.

  2. Rob says:

    Great story Carl! It’s great to always re-connect with your “roots”. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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