Another weekend… and still NOT DONE!

OK… so I haven’t posted much here in the last few days.  I guess its time to update y’all.  I finished bog two and top dressed with the chopped up pine needles.

Bog 3 is well under way.  I needed to remove three large kiddie pools and large bucket.  That was a ton of work! However, its done.  I did have one big issue though, what to do with all that peat/sand mixture.  I dumped tons into my gardens, my lawn and my veggie garden… but I still had a crap load left.  So… isn’t that why we have neighbors?  I knocked on the neighbors door to see if they wanted any in their gardens… when I was done with them… I went to the next neighbor and so on. Three large bogs of peat/sand is now GONE!

Now I’ve got two kiddie pools full of so to find a home… oh well, I’ll cross that bridge when it comes.

So here is photo of how things look as of tonight.  Tomorrow I will put in the liner and fill in the peat moss! Oh did I mention, I found a source for silica… well I didn’t but a fellow CP grower told me about it!  Oh ya! heading there tomorrow after work to buy 300 pounds worth!

When I was taking this photo, a cute little flava x purpurea caught my eye.  It pooped up in my friend Jay’s bog.  The best we can figure it is a cross between a montane purpurea and either a rugelii or maxima flava.  The thing that caught my eye at Jay’s was the lime green color of the plant, almost neon green.  No veins, but a cut throat.  I might have to name this thing S. ‘neon ripper’, in honor of the color and the “Jack the Ripper” cut throat!

And to finish up today’s post, here is some photos of some newly transplanted flytraps!


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