A Regal Plant from a Royal County

Sarracenia flava is very rare in Virginia.  My friend Phil Sheridan at Meadowview Biological Research Station has been working very hard to conserve what is left of Native Virginia Sarracenia.  One of the most striking of all the virginia plants in my opinion is, or should I say was, the population from Gary’s Church Bog in Prince George County.  This site has since been extirpated, but lives on in many private collections as well as in the Joseph Pines Preserve (info about this on Meadowview’s site). In my estimation, it is the most regal looking Sarracenia flava var ornata out there!

Unfortunately, mine isn’t in the best of form as it was divided and transplanted a few weeks ago, but you can still clearly see its sleek form.  Truly, one of my favorite flavas.


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3 Responses to A Regal Plant from a Royal County

  1. Rob says:

    Beautiful plant sir. Sleek elegance.

  2. Drew says:

    Hey Carl. I’ve been in love with carnivorous plants since I was a little boy—I grew in St. Catharines and currently live in Burlington. I’m currently having heart palpitations from excitement and drooling over your blog with all the excitement. I’ve got a lot of reading to catch up on, and will use your info as a resource for sure. I’ll be in touch!!

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