I need more space!!!

One of the downsides of growing sarracenia is that unless you have a 40 acre savannah in your back yard, you never have enough space!

I figured that after I made my three new (large) bogs that I’d have plenty of space to house my collection.  Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out that way.  I still need some more room. I figured these would be enough, but I made sure I left room between the plants for better air circulation and better light. Next season, these will be nice and full.

There is a small area behind that concrete block, and to its west!  I’m going to have to dig them out and make bogs there too.  It doesn’t get huge amounts of sun, but more shade tolerant plants will go there, like rubras and purpurea.

The concrete block you see, which I was going to turn into a cactus garden, will now be a “viewing area”/ access point to maintain the gardens. My plan is to put in some weed mat, and cover the walkway areas with bark chips.

I hope to have this project finished in the next couple of weeks!


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One Response to I need more space!!!

  1. Rob says:

    WOW – amazing. Can’t wait to see it full and jam packed with carnivore goodness! 🙂 Good stuff!

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