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Tipitiwitchet – now He has got one of his Own to play with

Ah, the remarkable Venus flytrap – Dionaea muscipula. One of the most studied plants of all time!  A remarkable plant indeed.  Known only to grow in a small area of coastal NC and a county or two in SC, this … Continue reading

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Freak of Nature

Sarracenia flava is usually the first of the Sarracenia species to bloom in the Spring.  Sarracenia psittacina on the other hand, is usually the last… but for some reason, whether its the stars aligning or hell going through some glaciation, … Continue reading

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Before and After

  So here’s the bogs as they looked earlier this spring.  Basically they consisted of a bunch of kiddie pools randomly sunk into the ground. As mentioned in an earlier post, they were supposed to be a temporary thing after … Continue reading

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