Today we have a Guest Bog to Blog about!

A long time friend and fellow Sarraceniaphile was good enough to let me photograph his outdoor bogs. Jay does grow stuff in greenhouses, but also grows many of plants outdoors year round as well. He has done an amazing job working his bog gardens into his landscape. As a Professional Gardener, I’d expect nothing less from him.

It was Jay’s outdoor bogs, that were the inspiration to me to finally make the leap and move all my plants outdoors. I was always fascinated by the vigor and beauty of his outdoor plants. I figured if he could it… so could I.

Jay has two outdoor bogs, the first is nestled at the base of his glass greenhouse.

These bog house a number of species and hybrids. All of which, spend their entire lives outdoors. This area receives full sun for the entire day. The plants growing here are both vigorous and spectacular in coloration and form.

His second bog, is against a fence on the west side of the property (you can see it in the background of the above photo). Although it doesn’t get full sun all day, it does get more than enough to make for amazing plants!

These bog were constructed in the usual manner, dug out, lined with pond liner, holes made a few inches down for drainage, and then filled with a peat sand mix. When Jay makes a bog however, he makes them deep! This way, they hold a lot of water and rarely if ever require watering during the growing season.

Here are a couple of purp x flava hybrids that I made that Jay has growing. On the left is a the Blackwater FL red flava crossed with a red purpurea from NC. On the right, is a purpurea purpurea from Ontario, crossed with a Bulloch Co. flava rugelli. This was a “natural cross” that happened in a bog garden that I had when I was in my teens, living at home! Its been around for a lot of years!

While on the subject of purpurea and purpurea hybrids, the left is an oreophila x purpurea cross and on the right… a very light green purpurea var montane.

On the left, Okee minor and on the right a typical minor, both at home outdoors!

The plant on the left is one of natures own. One of things Jay likes to do, is collect the seed pods that have been open pollinated by the bees and grow out the seedlings to see what he gets! He has some AMAZING hybrids made by mother nature. If I remember the plant on the right is S x ‘Judith Hindle’.

The plant on the left is S X ‘Copper Vase’. If you want a monster beefy plant, this is one to grow. The color of the plant in the photo is fading a bit, but in prime season, its an amazing coppery color.

I told Jay, I wasn’t going to post any pictures that I took in his greenhouse, but I can’t help it. This AF hybrid is a courtii x leuco that I made a couple of years ago. Because Jay is literally around the corner, he’s my insurance policy holder. I try to make sure he has some of everything I have, at least of the rare or really cool stuff. So I gave him one of the seedlings of this hybrid to grow out. When I went over to take these photos, I saw how nice it was – Now I need to get a piece back, as the seedling I kept for myself didn’t turn out as white!

So there you go, Jay’s bogs. Thanks Jay for letting me share your gardens.


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5 Responses to Today we have a Guest Bog to Blog about!

  1. Lois M. Ochs says:

    Thanx fo sharing wonder. what Jay has in his greenhouse?
    does he still have the hybrida and darlingtonia that he picked up when visiting me a couple of years ago.

  2. Julian says:

    Outstanding Carl and mucho kudos to Jay. There is nothing quite so interesting as seeing other outdoor growers plants and set-ups. And as for distributing hybrid seedlings to friends only to see them down the track and want ’em back? Oh, yeah – know exactly what you mean. But it’s great when this happens when the seedlings are grown on by trusted friends. Certainly the case for me.

    Really enjoying the blog, Julian.

  3. Josh says:

    Wow; pretty. He certainly is an professional landscaper, that rock border really adds the perfect natural look. Do you know whether Jay had his drainage holes above or below ground level?

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