Anyone for Brunswick Stew?

It’s funny how the mind works.  I was visiting the bogs in my backyard, doing a sort of routine inspection… seeing how things are growing, seeing if there is any stuff that needs trimming or just taking a moment to appreciate the new fall growth and what came to my mind? A nice warm steaming bowl of Brunswick stew.  So how did I get there?

Well… as I surveyed my bogs, I was confronted by holes dug by the squirrels.  Anyone who grows Sarracenia outdoors knows that squirrels cause havoc, digging up small plants, planting walnuts and acorns in the bogs, and even covering over small plants and drosera!  They drive me crazy.  “Pesky creatures… there must be a use for them!!!” I thought.  Then my brain switched over to thinking about BBQ.

Now any Sarracenia grower who has spent time in the natural range of Sarracenia in the Southeastern US, knows that that particular area is known as the BBQ belt!  In fact, one of my favorite pastimes is visiting as many BBQ places as I can in the south when I’m there.

Now… any BBQ lover has heard of Brunswick Stew. It is one of the most common sides to get when ordering BBQ.  Its a mix of meat and veggies… like a thick soup.  Downright tasty!  Incidentally, its supposed to have been invented in Brunswick Co. North Carolina… but that is argued by any other other southern county with the name Brunswick.  Anyway, this lead me to think about a recipe I once found on the internet for Brunswick Stew… the first ingredient, two plump squirrels! Yep, the guy who invented Brunswick Stew was a disgruntled outdoor Sarracenia grower just like me!

Now to find a trap LOL!


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One Response to Anyone for Brunswick Stew?

  1. Drew says:

    …or a pellet gun

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