Now you see it… now you don’t

One of the things I really love about Sarracenia is the anthocyanin free “mutants” that have been either been found in the wild or isolated in cultivation.  When you put a typically red anthocyanin producing plant beside its anthocyanin free counter part it’s… now you see it, now you don’t…  at least when it comes to the red pigment.

One of my favorite hybrids is the one between S. psittacina and S. leucophylla. The first is a wild hybrid that originated in Alabama.  This plant clearly displays hybrid vigor! and produces spectacular 30-40cm pitchers in the fall.  As you can see, in the photo it produces a lot of anthocyanin (red pigment) reminiscent of the psittacina parent.

The second photo is  a S. psittacina x S. leucophylla that I made.  The parents being the anthocyanin free forms of the respective plants. This plant again shows incredible hybrid vigor and produces large pitchers in the fall.  Like all other Antho-free plants, its lacks all red pigment and produces white-yellow flowers.

Not sure exactly what I love so much about the all green plants.  Lots of growers that I know find them “boring”.  Admittedly, some of the most spectacular hybrids out there are the most colorful.  However, I think these plants have a charm and sophistication all of their own. The most eye catching of the antho-free plants are the ones that are mixed with leucophylla and psittacina.  In most cases, these parents bring their white fenestrations to the mix. Its the contrast between the white and the green that makes these particular plants especially beautiful (at least in my eye).


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6 Responses to Now you see it… now you don’t

  1. Rob says:

    VERY Cool hybrid sir! Love the AF ones too — beautiful plant you got there!!

  2. Lois M. Ochs says:

    I really like the looks of antho free plants They do stand out in a crowd of color

  3. jay says:

    I have to admit I have grown love the AF look, thanks Carl.
    Great blog !!

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  5. James says:

    Another fan of the AF plants, here, too. I particularly like them paired with their normally colored versions, like you’ve done here.

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