Lookie what I made!

One of my quests these days is to breed way cool Antho free (AF) clones.  Eventually I hope to make a completely white topped one of some sort. When I say white topped, I mean pure white, like the Hurricane Creek leucos. In terms of size and stature, something like a S. X catesbaei.  Anyway my first step was to cross some low growing plants with lots of white… I crossed an AF courtii (S. psittacina x S. purpurea) with an AF leucophylla. The results of that cross are shown here.

Funny thing, as I was looking for the Hurricane Creek leucophylla link above, I saw something else on the same page!  A hybrid called BUG SCOOP!  and guess what? it has the same parentage as my cross shown here.  So… I guess I made an AF Bug Scoop!


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One Response to Lookie what I made!

  1. Devon says:

    Wow!!! 😀

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