Johnny Appleseed

I’ve long since proven that Venus Flytraps can not only survive here outdoors year round, but actually thrive year to year. However, there is one thing I have yet to prove and that is whether or not Venus Flytraps can colonize by seed. In a previous post, I talked about spreading the seed around the bogs and seeing what comes up!  Here’s what I got!


The first photo shows a couple of Venus flytraps, Akai Ryu and large robust clone of unknown origin.  All the flytraps flowered this season producing copious amounts of seed. After the seed pods dried and opened and I collected all the seed, then dispersed it in the bogs. The second photo shows the new seedling plants as of today, September 28th.

Venus flytrap seed germinates the same season as it is produced, unlike Sarracenia whose seed germinates the following spring.  So here, in zone 6b, Sarracenia can flower, drop seed and colonize, as the seedings mature enough to make it through the following winter.  However, because flytraps germinate here in late July, I don’t know if the seedlings are capable of making it through the winter.

So I’ve marked seedling colonies in the bogs with red pot tags.  We won’t know the results of my Johnny Appleseed experiment until next Spring! I suspect the seedlings will be just fine.  I’ve found the odd little flytraps in my bogs here and there on a few occasions.  I had a suspicion that they came up from seed… now I’ll know for sure!


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