Hybrid FAIL – Compost feed !

Not every hybrid turns out pretty!  The plant below is proof.  A couple of years back I had this great idea.  I thought I’d make the following antho-free cross (purpurea x psittacina) x (leucophylla x purpurea).  In my head, I visualized this striking hybrid that looked kind of like a purpurea, but with a lot of white in the upper portion of the pitcher.  I hoped that trait would come through from the the leuco and psitt influence.  Instead, I got the plant below.  Looks very much like a purpurea with a few white spots.  I was hoping that the fall leaves might show some improvement over the spring leaves, but alas… its looked like this all season!  Oh well, in the world of breeding you clearly win some and lose some… this one is a loss!


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5 Responses to Hybrid FAIL – Compost feed !

  1. Steve Booth says:

    Ahhh Carl, have a heart.
    It has a certain charm and novelty value and who knows another antho cross and you may get sleeping beauty from this Doctor Jeykll.
    If I didnt live in the UK I’d come and rescue the poor blighter.

    I can see what you mean though, it does have the sort of countenance that only its mother could love.


  2. Raymond Goorbachan says:

    It look Cool thought . Give it a chance

  3. James says:

    I’m curious if there are siblings from the cross that showed the kind of aereoles you were breeding for. The cross looks complex enough to give you plants that take after each the parents. (Looks like purp won out in this plant…)

    • Carl Mazur says:

      I had a number of plants from that cross… This was the best in terms of “whiteness”. I’m going to leave it one more season to if it gets better with age LOL

  4. lloyd says:

    i love it, it has a frog like appearance, if only you didnt live across the boarder, i would take it in a minute, but hey beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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