Looking Good till the End

Ever since I started growing Sarracenia, I’ve always awaited the fall season with mixed emotions.  Enthusiasm because many species of pitcher plants put up their finest foliage and trepidation, because the season is coming to a close.

We’ve had a very mild autumn here in zone6b, granted its been generally wet.  Here we are, pushing the end of October and we still haven not had a good freeze.  There was one night there where we were close. There was some frost on the roofs, but nothing at ground level.  Interestingly, places in the panhandle of Florida, the epicentre of Sarracenia, have already had a couple of nights of below freezing temperatures. Go figure, they don’t call this area the “Banana Belt” for nothing! Our seasonal averages are about 14C (57F) high and 4C (38F) at night.  If the forecast holds true, November 4th looks to be our first night below freezing!  We’ll have to see! In the meantime, I’m continuing to enjoy the fall pitchers.

Of all the species that produce their best pitchers in the fall, Sarracenia leucophylla and plants crossed with it, produce in my estimation, the best fall show.  Below are a few photos of some of the leucophylla as of today.


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One Response to Looking Good till the End

  1. Rob says:

    Lookin Good!!! 🙂

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