One last flower!

Went out today to start the annual autumn cleanup.  The joy of living in a temperate climate with deciduous trees.  Worst part, I have NO trees on my property!  All this fallout is from the neighbors!!  I got out my trusty leaf blower and proceeded to blow all the leaves in the back yard into a large convenient pile.  I also blow the leaves out of the bogs.  Having those things rotting in the bog gardens is not a good thing.  Not to mention it attracts slugs!!!  Anyway, as I was blowing out the bogs I came across the flower pictured above.  Gentiana autumnalis.  Its latin name given to it because of it late autumn blooms!

I’ve never had this plant bloom as I grew it from seed.  I had got an email from my friend in Virginia, with photos of his Gentiana autumnalis blooming in early October. From that I figured if mine was going to bloom this year it should be by mid October. Nothing happened!   I took a look at it before halloween and saw flower buds, but I figured there wasn’t going to be enough warm weather to get it to bloom.  My guess is that it must have got set back because I yanked it out of the ground in early summer when I replanted my bogs!  Regardless, it was a nice surprise!


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