Um… so where’s winter?

First off, Happy 2012 everyone!

I figured I just had to post the fact that we here in zone6b (at least in Niagara Falls, Ontario) seem to have escaped old man winter!  I’m not gonna lie and say we haven’t had some cold weather, it was -15C here the other night! However, that was only ONE night.  Generally, its been very mild here.  Most days anywhere between -1C to +4C but as high as 7C and 8C. The nights have been mild too, anywhere between -3C to +3C, but like I said, -15C one night!!!! YUK!  As far as snow cover goes, NO SNOW!  Last year at this time, we had dealt with two major storms dumping loads of snow!  This year, the odd flurry… that’s it!  Nothing has stayed on the ground.

So I looked at the forecast and it looks like we’re in for ups and downs here over the next few weeks, but again, the overall trend looks mild for this time of year. It looks like some snow in the forecast… maybe old man winters wants to stop by and see the falls after all! We’ll see what happens.


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3 Responses to Um… so where’s winter?

  1. Julian says:

    So does this likely place your Sarracenia in danger not having the blanket of the snow? Those ups and downs you speak of, will that mean freeze/thaw of surface of your bogs or will the pine needles prevent that?

  2. Rob says:

    Good stuff Carl! It’s been very mild here too. Days are 60F or roughly… 15.6C? Last year was pretty bad – it was warm in January then we had a freeze / hail in February that really messed my plants up. Anyway, I hope you, your fam, and your plants are well my friend. Talk to you soon and Happy Growing!! -R

  3. Carl Mazur says:

    To be honest, its better for the plants if the bogs freezes and stay frozen. However, that being said, the pine needles does protect the surface from rapid freeze/thaws. Many of the nights are below freezing, so even if the day reaches 5 or 6C, I’m pretty sure the surface is still frozen underneath. It’ll be interesting to see what the result of this winter will be.

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