Well that’s depressing!

Well March came and went, and like most people in the eastern half of North America, we experienced way above average temperatures!  We actually had a day that hit 28C (83F). For March here in Zone6b, that is insane!  We set records for daytime highs, and records for night time warmth as well. Everything is leafing out, now weeks ahead of schedule! The end of March looks like the end of April.

So here we are in April now… and the heat has come to an end and we’ve returned to a more “normal”  pattern of weather… The burst of growth has pretty much slowed down and it doesn’t look like we’re going to warm up anytime soon… at least in the 10 day forecast!

So far, no adverse effects on the plants at least from the weather… we’ve had light frosts now for the last few nights. However, it isn’t to say there hasn’t been issues, this spring!  But that’s for another post!


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One Response to Well that’s depressing!

  1. Julian says:

    This is really interesting. The same situation occurred down here in the South Pacific at the start of this now finished season. The temps were unusually warm over a month out from normal and Sarracenia responded the only way they knew how – growth. But the same thing happened as you’re experiencing CM, after a time temps dropped again and for an outdoor grower it made for nervous times. In the end, the plants got through it but everything throughout the season was ahead of schedule.
    It appears as though possibly the probable cause of this down here, a La Nina season, is being mirrored in the north??? Either way, good luck my friend. It worked out OK for me – was a good season in the end.

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