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Lots of flowers

A colleague of mine let me take home a macro lens last week to play with.  I think if I knew what I was doing… I could take some pretty impressive shots! However, for now… these will have to do. … Continue reading

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The Jury is Still Out! Well… Sort of!

In my last post I mentioned that Sarracenia flowers turn up as the petals fall.  As William Shatner might say… “is that weird? or What?” According to the literature, there was speculation that the flowers tilted upward to allow the … Continue reading

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Heads Up… What’s with that?

So here is your standard run of the mill Sarracenia flava flower!  I know nothing special, we’ve all seen them before.  I get it.  However, there is something very cool about this flower and flowers of other species of Sarracenia. … Continue reading

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So, why does S. oreophila do this anyway?

I don’t know if you Sarraceniaphiles have noticed this, but Sarracenia oreophila is a little different than most of the other species in the genus… anyone know why? I’ll give you a hint, it has nothing to do with where … Continue reading

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Welcome to the 2012 Growing Season

When the Sarracenia start to bloom, it’s officially the start of the Growing Season here in Zone 6b. After the record setting warmth March, April was pretty much a month that kept everything in suspended animation.  May has warmed up … Continue reading

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