Heads Up… What’s with that?


Sarracenia flava

So here is your standard run of the mill Sarracenia flava flower!  I know nothing special, we’ve all seen them before.  I get it.  However, there is something very cool about this flower and flowers of other species of Sarracenia.

Before the petals dry up and drop, the flower turns upward!  There has been speculation as to why this happens… the most logical is that the new angle of the flower allow the remaining pollen in the umbrella to fall down on a stigma as it falls out, hopefully causing a self pollination should the flower have not been cross pollinated by bees.  However, according to Dr. Don Schnell, the placement of the stigmas in the umbrella makes this very unlikely. The pollen would likely fall between two stigmas rather than onto one of them.  I’ll have to check it out… in the meantime.. here are some Sarracenia flowers that have turned up.


More to follow… I’ll have to take a closer look at the flowers.


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One Response to Heads Up… What’s with that?

  1. James says:

    I’m watching my final half dozen buds of the season develop, so it’s great to see the cycle starting up all over again. It’s really cool to see the little antenna dishes pointing up to the sky. That’s my hypothesis: extraterrestrial communication instead of self-pollination.

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