Look at all the Babies

I know… It’s been a long time!

Last year I put a post up talking about seeding Venus flytraps in my bogs. The gist of it was to see if you could grow Venus flytraps outdoors here from seed. As an experiment I sewed a pile of seed in May (I think) and got tons of germination. Here we are a year later and there are tons of little plants out there.


Take a close look around the base of the plants!


A lot of these may have been from natural seed dispersal because I don’t remember dumping seeds so close to the plants. Regardless… There they are!

There are also clumps of seedlings intermixed between the sarracenia. However not as many as there was in the fall. It wasn’t the winter that killed them… It was the ultimate pest as far as the outdoor Bog Gardener goes… THE SQUIRREL!


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3 Responses to Look at all the Babies

  1. Julian says:

    Great experiment. In fact, your place is one big experiment! Nice colour on the first one.

  2. Lois M. Ochs says:

    congrats on your experiment working.:)

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