Where have all the flowers gone?

I had an incredible blooming this year. I think that literally every plant except the babies had blooms. It was a great site. However, like everything else this too shall pass.

Unlike in their natural habitats, Sarracenia up here in zone6b tend to bloom pretty much all at the same time. The only plants that don’t overlap are S. psittacina and S. flava, otherwise there is pretty much a continuos show. Whats really cool is that is you like random hybrids, with so many of the species in bloom at the same time, you are guaranteed to get some very cool stuff. My friend Jay is one of those guys. He’s got some of the most unique Sarracenia hybrids I have ever seen, all the result of random open pollination of his outdoor bogs.


Me on the other hand… I don’t care that much. Soooo….. Off they come. The production of seed takes energy from the plant. Well realistically, probably not that much, but they aren’t that attractive after the petals fall and Since I don’t want the seeds I cut the flowers as soon as they drop their petals.


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7 Responses to Where have all the flowers gone?

  1. Julian says:

    Plants look really healthy. Is that another small bog you’ve created in the background or has that always been there? How’s that red flava doing….?

    • Carl Mazur says:

      The red flava is doing very well… Just not all that red this year. Not sure why. I’ll post pics soon.

  2. Raymond Goorbachan says:

    You say you’ll cut the flower once the petals fall out but…
    in the background you left the flava I think correct me if I am wrong

    O and the plants are doing fantastic in my bog THanks


    • Carl Mazur says:

      Hey Ray… Saw photos of your planting on the ocps website… Or the icps site, don’t remember. Regardless your planting looks great.

      As for the flower… I missed that one! It’s a flower on a veinless purpurea

      • Raymond Goorbachan says:

        It was OCPS .
        But your plants will always look best
        You know how you have all those VFT seedlings what about sarrracenia


  3. Steve says:

    Hi Carl – The bogs are looking good, what I cant understand is that here in the UK zone 8b your plants are so much further forward than mine, I still have flowers that are yet to open and pitchers have just started. Oh well gives me more time to enjoy them I suppose.

    • Carl Mazur says:

      Yes, your zone has much warmer average than mine. However, when it comes to when sarracenia break dormancy, its not about temperature, its about light and temperature. Let me explain. When I grew my plants in a greenhouse, they usually started growing in early March. Why? because the photoperiod at that time of year was over 11 hours of day light. It seems that 11 hours seems to be the magic number. Now that my plants are outside, they start growing later because, yes, we have 11 hours of sun, but the temperatures aren’t warm enough. That would be my guess.

      The other idea, is that your temperatures are cooler during the day, so the flowers last longer… kinda like a giant fridge. đŸ™‚

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