A Blast from the Past!


Today we all (or most of us anyway) know of the amazing Carnivorous Plant Conferences that are held around the world. Ever wonder where this great tradition started.  Let me tell you.  In the back yard of Carl and Sherry Taylor who lived near Oswego New York.

I was digging through some old photo negatives and came across this picture. The above photo was taken at the second meeting back in 1993.  Now I’ll be honest, not only was I much younger then… I also had a better memory, so let me say sorry to the folks in the photo I don’t remember. Also, if I spell you name wrong… sorry about that too.

Starting on the left : Rob Maharajh, Yours truly (cheesy mustache!), Dr. Phil (Sheridan), Not sure, Carl Taylor, Not sure, Sherry Taylor, Christoph Belanger, John Hummer, Bill Scholl, Mark Lysne, Peter Keller, Not sure, not sure, not sure, Dr. Steve Williams. In the front, not sure, and the guy on the right looks very familiar, but can’t get a name going for him either.

I have to say, for me, this is when my true obsession with Sarracenia started.  Bill, Phil, and John always brought up plants to share, and I remember fondly, plants being dumped on the ground and them saying to grab what we wanted.  In fact, you see that Nepenthes cutting that the guy in the front is holding… it was the same sort of thing. One of the guys who was there brought a GIANT garbage bag full of cuttings and dumped them on the ground and told everyone to grab whatever they wanted.  It was very cool.  People brought stuff to trade, food to eat, and MANY refreshments to drink.  We all crashed anywhere we could find a spot of open floor or ground.  It was a lot of fun!  I still remember those early days with much affection.  It was a time to meet up with  friends and talk about what we loved… plants! You see… the internet was in its public infancy back then, so keeping in touch in those days was much different!


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2 Responses to A Blast from the Past!

  1. Amazing bro! Nice to see and it’s always fun looking back at these past photos! Facial hair ROCKS. 😉

  2. Mike Wang says:

    Dr. Phil?! LOL Nice one Carl! Great story-thanks for sharing!

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