Time for More Traps!

Well, the Canada Day long weekend just passed, for those who didn’t know… Canada turned 145 years old this year!  By the way, Happy Independence Day to my friends to my south.

Anyway, whilst (who says that?) sitting on my back patio, I  noticed that my flytraps are in full bloom!

Normally after the flowers are done, I cut off the stocks.  However this year, I’m keeping them.  I’m going to collect all the seed. Why? If you caught my other posts, I have determined that venus flytraps can reproduce outdoors here in zone6b from seed… at least with a head start.

Last year in May, I sewed a whole bunch of seeds in my bog garden. They germinated quickly and had a good 6 months of growing before winter.  Those seedlings are doing very well (photo below).

Interestingly there is a whole pile of smaller seedlings in my other bog garden.  These I believe are the result of natural seed drop.  That means, that these little guys, germinated in late summer and made it through the winter (albeit a record mild one).  So even without the early sewing, these plants can reproduce successfully from seed here.

Regardless, I’m going to collect my seed this year and sew in April or May next year.  I’m hoping in a few years to have a carpet of flytraps in my bogs!


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