So what’s in a Name?

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OK… last season, I rebuilt all my bogs… now its time to re inventory my collection.  Easy enough, however, Stewart McPherson and Donald Schnell did a taxonomic revamp of the genus in the their last book.  In many cases formalizing forms we’ve already recognized in both the wild and cultivation. So in keeping with the rename, I need to revamp my coding.

So in this post, I’m going to look at my species coding system that I’m going to use as I redo my spreadsheet and tags.  This by no means is the best system, but it works for me… and maybe some of you may find it of use for you.

Firstly, there is never enough room on a tag to put all the information you need, so, what I do, is put a code on the tag, and keep a spreadsheet of the codes and the information that particular plant.  So lets build a new taxonomic coding system for my Sarracenia!

I start with a two letter State or Province Code. ON for Ontario, GA for Georgia or SC for South Carolina etc.  Then I follow it by a taxonomic code. For instance PP for purpurea ssp purpurea or FC for flava var cuprea.  Lastly a two digit number for that specific specimen, like 01, or 23.

So what would a code look like for a specimen of Sarracenia flava var ornata from Brunswick Co. North Carolina.  NCFO01. If I had a second specimen from a different place, like Columbus Co. I would code it NCFO02.  Then in my spreadsheet I’d have a corresponding entry for each code.

So where do these taxonomic codes come from.  Well… I make ’em up!  I went through the book and listed all the taxa and came up with a system to come up with a code. I wanted to keep all the codes to two letters, but that didn’t work in some cases, so some worked out to three. The first letter is always the species A for alata, F for flava etc. The second letter is for the ssp or var depending on the taxonomy.  Lastly, a letter for forma where it exists.  So lets try Sarracenia purpurea ssp venosa var burkii f luteola from Liberty Co. FL.  I’d get FLPBL01.  Below is a list of all the taxa from Stew and Don’s book. My code on the left and the taxa on the right.

AA alata var alata
AT alata var atrorubra
AC alata var cuprea
AN alata var nigropurpurea
AO alata var ornata
AR alata var rubrioperculata
AV alata f viridescens
FA flava var atropurpurea
FF flava var flava
FR flava var rugelii
FO flava var ornata
FC flava var cuprea
FB flava var rubricorpora
FM flava var maxima
FV flava f viridescens
LL leucophylla var leucophylla
LA leucophylla var alba
LV leucophylla f viridescens
MM minor var minor
MMV minor var minor f viridescens
MO minor var okeefenensis
OO oreophila var oreophila
OR oreophila var ornata
PP psittacina var psittacina
PPV psittacina var psittacina f viridescens
PO psittacina var okefenokeensis
POL psittacina var okefenokeensis f. luteoviridis
PP purpurea ssp purpurea
PPH purpurea ssp purpurea f. heterophylla
PV purpurea ssp venosa var venosa
PM purpurea ssp venosa var montana
PVP purpurea ssp venosa var venosa f. pallidiflora
PB purpurea ssp venosa var burkii
PBL purpurea ssp venosa var burkii f. luteola
RR rubra ssp rubra
RA rubra ssp alabamensis
RG rubra ssp gulfensis
RGL rubra ssp gulfensis f luteoviridis
RJ rubra ssp jonesii
RJV rubra ssp jonesii f viridescens
RW rubra ssp wherryii


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