I hate it when this Happens!

So summer has been warm and dry here in Zone6b. Most days 28-35C (83-95F) and very little rain.  about 4cms (1.5 inches) in the past two months!

Accoding to my horticulturalist friend… these are the perfect conditions for THRIPS! taking a look at some of my plants, like the one to the left, he’s right!

According to my friend, they don’t kill the plants… but it certainly deforms the leaves!!!!  I’d say I concur!

So… now what?

Fortunately… there is a way to fix the problem that is both environmentally friendly, people and pet friendly.  A special thanks to fellow Sarracenia freak Justin for the following recipe!

Neem Oil Recipe

1L Warm Water
2-3 cc Neem oil
few drops of Eucalyptus oil (for red-spider mite)
1 tbsp light mineral oil (Around 15cc, it’s also known as baby oil but make sure you get the unscented kind)
5-6 drops dishwater detergent, I use sunlight. (apparently palmolive causes issues)


The Eucalyptus oil isn’t really necessary as far as thrips go, but adding it controls red spider mites… it also makes the spray smell nice!

So good luck to me… either today or tomorrow, I’m heading out to blast everything.

Oh… to make things easier, use a pump sprayer. You can pick up a 4L version for under $20.00. It’ll be a lot more effective at delivering a drenching uniform spray.  I suppose if you don’t have a lot to spray, a hand spray bottle from a dollar store will do the trick.


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One Response to I hate it when this Happens!

  1. Thank you. I was getting ready to ask if neem oil was safe for Sarracenia, so you beat me to it.

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