Die! Die! and Never Come Back

So… yesterday I got out the 4L pump sprayer, mixed up the concoction that my friend Justin suggested that I use to kill off my thrips, and gave my plants a soaking.  For the convenience of my 4L sprayer, which seems to be the most common size, I reworked the recipe to make 4L.

4L warm water
20 mL sunlight dish soap
5 mL Eucalyptus Oil (optional for spider mite)
12 mL of Neem Oil
60 mL of light Mineral Oil

Since I’ve never done this before, I’m learning as I go.  Justin suggested that I respray every 5 days to ensure I nail the next generations.  However, one thing he didn’t tell me is how many times I need to spray before I can safely say that they are gone! So if you’re reading this post… can you leave a comment with regards to how long I need to spray! THANKS!


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One Response to Die! Die! and Never Come Back

  1. Justin says:

    Hey Carl,

    I would be doing sprays exactly 5 days apart with the heat that you guys have been having. The conditions that make them thrive makes them breed very quickly. If it were cooler you could get away with 6-7 days but I wouldn’t risk waiting more then 5 days. The theoretical number of times you need to spray is 3 but thats if you get EVERY bug, I always do 4 sprays and a spot spray follow up on the plants you know where infected. This should kill your little friends pretty good 😉


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