Green is Cool

I know… A post not about Sarracenia? What’s up with that? Well I have a thing for anthocyanin free plants. Not sure why… They are quite plain and significantly less showy than their technicolor counterparts. However, they are just too cool.

Below is a photo of an AF Drosera intermedia. I don’t know how common this plant is in cultivation, but it’s doing well in my bogs. If you look around on the ground around it you can see new plants.



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3 Responses to Green is Cool

  1. Raymond Goorbachan says:

    That’s something cool …. and IT’S GREEN plus you got flowers and do I see sphagnum under
    there ?
    I Have a question too :how do you make you’re bog look… full is it just time or placement ?
    I am asking this question because you bog looks AWESOME

    {-Ray-} yah

    • Carl Mazur says:

      Hey Ray… I plant my plants about 12-15 inches apart… and then its time. If you look back in the blog to the post where I finished the bogs and added plants. You’ll see how sparse it looks… they eventually fill out in a couple of years. πŸ™‚

      • Raymond Goorbachan says:

        Okay since I didn’t really care how far I put my plants ( over there some over there O there’s another one) so I guess I wait the years and see what happens thanks . πŸ˜€

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