Planes, Trains, Automobiles and Sarracenia! Actually, no Trains…

Well, for those of you who knew I was doing the Sarracenia trip of lifetime… I’m back, for those of you who didn’t… you’ll know know!

Last night at 10pm, my plane touched down at the Buffalo NY airport after a grueling six day travel schedule in the South Eastern United States! Sarracenia country!!!

All in all, we visited five states and loads of Sarracenia sites, including sites of ALL three federally endangered species, S. rubra ssp jonesii, S. rubra alabamensis and S. oreophila.  We also were able to visit and number of extremely unique populations. This is a trip I won’t soon forget.

My traveling companion was long time bogging friend Jay Lechtman. On numerous occasions we were painfully aware that we were not as young as we used to be, however, we were able to complete the 2000 mile journey relatively unscathed.

Over the upcoming days, I will be posting about our experiences and the sites we visited. I might even comment on the various BBQ restaurants we stopped at!

I sincerely hope that everyone enjoys reading about our journey as much as I do recounting it!

So… lets get started.  After flying from Buffalo to Atlanta to Charlotte NC, I met up with Jay. Our flights landed literally minutes apart.  After picking up our rental, a 4WD Dodge Durango (a must for trip like this… you’ll see that later), we headed into the SC mountains to our first stop. Sarracenia rubra jonesii country!


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    More, Please

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