Morning Day 4 – Eglin Airforce Base

After an EARLY morning rise at Bob’s in AL, we headed east to Okaloosa County Florida to pick up our passes to gain access to Eglin Airforce Base.  Funny, our names were still in the computer system from the last time we were there in the late 90’s and our visit was within days our current visit!  That was cool.  Anyway, got our passes and headed to the west side of the Base.  There we met up with Randy Zerr and his lady Marie Thompson.

The site we were visiting was quite close to the famous Yellow River site. Sadly, not much is left there now. However back in the early 90’s it was a thriving site containing five species of Sarracenia in one location! S. flava, S. leucophylla, S. psittacina, S. purpurea venosa var burkii and S. rubra ssp gulfensis.  Of special note, it was this location where the Anthocyanin Free  form of rubra gulfensis was found.  I go on tangents…

So the site we were visiting was close to there.  This new site was special because it has Giant psittacina growing there.  For me the jury is out on whether these deserve special taxonomic status.  Any time I’ve encountered Giant psits, they are growing aquatically. I’ve seen other Sarracenia like S. flava growing aquatically and they were huge! up to my ribcage and with mouths 5-7 inches across! Did these deserve taxonomic status, I don’t think so.  I go on tangents….

So these giant psitts were very cool and were truly HUGE! I forgot to add something to the photos for scale, but suffice to say, these were the largest psits I’ve ever seen, the hoods easily 2 inches across and pitchers easily 8-10 inches long!

There was also S. rubra ssp gulfensis and S. leucophylla growing as well as some utrics and drosera.

It was a good thing we had a four wheel drive vehicle for our trip. The gulf coast had a lot of rain during the summer this year (nice seeing how its been very dry). Everywhere we went, there was lots of water! Which made for lots of fun!

So we made another quick stop at a roadside leuco site and a stop at some hole in the wall restaurant (had great pulled pork), it was off to Blackwater State Forest.


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