Bed Time


Well, it’s a bit early to cover the plants…. But it’s kind of mild today… So I’d rather be comfortable doing the work now than freezing later.

I’m curious to see how this winter goes. The last few have been very mild with little snow. So far things here have been pretty nice. In fact some days down right warm.

So ends the 2012 growing season. I hope to continue the odd post over the winter. I know I have one last post to make about my summer trip.

Until then, thanks to everyone who has been taking the time to read my posts.


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4 Responses to Bed Time

  1. Julian says:

    Well, that’s a job well done. The overflow pipes look like breather tubes! Totally enjoyed the posts over your summer season.

  2. Daryl says:

    Thanks Carl. i enjoy your very informative postings.

  3. tyrannovar says:

    A picture’s worth a thousand words. I’ve heard about pine straw for winter cover but seeing the photo is priceless. I just discovered pine straw available at a local nursery supply a couple of years ago. I use it for mulch for my little orchid garden but now I can see how valuable it would be for a bog garden, for carnivores and maybe some bog orchids. Seeing your blog, maybe I really can get some carnivorous plants growing in zone 5.

    • Carl Mazur says:

      I’m you’ll have no problems wintering them. As long as there is a snow cover, it really doesn’t matter how cold it gets. The bog stays around 0 C… If you do make a bog, I’d love to hear about it…

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