The Last Morning of my Summer Bog Trip

So here were are, middle of December, and I’m finally making the last post about my summer bog trip.

As I mentioned in my last trip post, we got into Kingland Georgia really late, 1:30 ish if memory serves me correctly.  Wouldn’t be a bad thing if we could have slept in, but we had still had a few things to do before we drove out to JAX to catch our flights home.

Ok… so our first stop was in Kingland, so that was a good thing that we were already there.  We were meeting up with a friend at 6:00 am.  He was good enough to get up a little extra early, as he had to leave for work at 6:30.  So what was so important that I made Jay get up at 5:00 am after getting to bed at 2:00am?  Nope… nothing to do with plants… we had to visit the Starship Enterprise.


Yep… we visited the sets of Starship Farragut.  A Star Trek Fan film that is shot in Kingland GA.  I have a bit of a vested interest as I actually did a lot of the graphic work that is used on their sets as well as other things.  They are completely recreating the entire Desilu Studios sound stage!  Transporter Room, Sick Bay, Crew Quarters… etc.  Quite an experience.  If you’re curious, you can always visit their website. There is also another fan film shot on these sets, Star Trek Continues.  Anyway, enough of this… this is plant bog, not a Trek blog!

From the studios, we headed west to the Okefenokee Swamp.  We really didn’t have much time, so we visited some “ditches” in the East side of the swamp.  We knew that we’d for sure run into some giant minors!  and we did!


For the Sabatia fans in the crowd, it so happened that Sabatia difformis was in bloom all over the place!


We also ran into another friend… a cottonmouth


So after a quick run to the swamp, we had to make one final trip to a BBQ place.  After a quick search online, we came across this place!


K, so its called Jack’s FAMOUS BBQ.  Jack’s, because the owner was Jack, but famous?  Not sure why, it was good… but not outstanding! Granted the sauces were awesome! So after a late lunch we made our way to Jacksonville Airport!

And after dropping of the vehicle, we made our way to the departures level to catch our planes.  It was a great week! We saw lots of great plants and very cool sites, met some great people, at some great food!  On a scale of 1 to 10, this trip gets and 11!

Thanks so much for reading!



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