Stupid Groundhog

We North Americans have this strange custom called Groundhog Day. It’s celebrated on February 2nd. The idea is that if the rodent doesn’t see it’s shadow when it comes out of its hole, spring will come early… If it sees its shadow we get six more weeks of winter. I don’t know if other people around the globe celebrate this odd tradition but let me tell you… It doesn’t work! Here we are almost 8 weeks later and there is no significant signs of spring.

Seasonally we should be around 10C (50F) this time of year. We are struggling to get above freezing…. The sun is strong and warm but the air does not seem to want to cooperate.

Needless to say not much to report on. The bogs are still buried in their pine needles! Maybe I will start the process later this week. Regardless, it’s going to be a late start this season.


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7 Responses to Stupid Groundhog

  1. Julian says:

    Sun still shining strongly here. Maybe its snagged on something and can’t move? After all, it’s the Sun that revolves around the earth isn’t it?

  2. DW says:

    Speaking of strangeness we Finns go to rooms with heat over 70 degrees celcius and beat each other with birch twigs and afterwards dive into the snow. We also play football in swamps and regard carrying women on our backs and throwing rubber boots as sports. They say Finland is the US of EU but I think we are more like Japan of the EU. 😀

  3. My sympathies. All of my Sarracenia started blooming on schedule around St. Patrick’s Day, and then North Texas caught the same waves of cold you guys did. I had to scramble to save many of them from freezing on Monday night, just to make sure I didn’t lose any of the blooms. (Right now, the weather feeds predict typical Dallas weather for the weekend, along with the possibility of rain on Saturday. Naturally, that’s when I was planning to put up a new greenhouse.I won’t complain about the rain, though: we’re entering Year Three of the worst drought the state has seen since the 1950s, and we haven’t had this dry a spring since 1971.)

    • Carl Mazur says:

      Enjoy the rain… It HAS been dry down there

      • I hope we get it. Of course, the last few times this week we’ve been promised it, we see monstrous clouds forming on the weather radar…that promptly evaporate away by the time they get close to Fort Worth. By the time they get to Dallas, they’re gone.

  4. Ray W says:

    Carl, Zone 6b/7a border here, in New Jersey, USA , down wind of you across the lakes. Literally, up the hill and west is zone 6b and I’m at the bottom of that hill. Solid zone 7a is half-mile east.
    Hang in there, It’s coming, It’s slow but sure. Not quite as warm as we’d like but my Crocus have been out two weeks, mini Daffs are opening in warm spots, and most important – a couple of the sarrs in the bog are obviously swelling their growth points.

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