This is a really hard time of year!


Being in a “cold climate” is kinda difficult when it comes to growing Sarracenia – especially when you have lots of friends that live in “warmer climates” who grow them, take photos and post them all over the place! My facebook feed is filled with folks flaunting their pitcher plants in flower, the forums I read, people proudly posting their spring flush! It’s depressing!

See my flowers… if you look really carefully at the crowns in the photos above, you see some reddish looking balls! Yep, those are flowers! The plant pictured above is Sarracenia flava, the earliest blooming of the Sarracenia species. Sarracenia have a sequence of blooming… this is nature’s way of preventing mass hybridization.  However, you still find hybrids in nature.  The latest bloomer is S. psittacina, usually blooms two to three weeks after flava in the wild.  That is why only two clones of this hybrid have ever been found as far as I know.

Below is photo of the famous Venus’ Flytrap.  As I’ve posted here a number of times, this North Carolina natives do very well here.  This is what they look like after they have been through one of our winters.  I will posting photos of these little guys too as they start into their growing season!


Not much else to share right now… other than the few little flower buds, nothing much is happening.  The weather here is warming up so hopefully things will start moving soon!


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