A New Enemy!

Well, this is going to 0ne 0f those posts where I don’t post any pictures… not that I don’t have any, I do… but just a bit short on time… hopefully, I get some pics up this weekend. This post doesn’t really require pictures… the photo would be a sad one! This post is really just a venue for me to vent!  Let me give you the background.

I have this antho free flava I call “Peewee”.  I got this plant from Mr. Bill Scholl many years ago.  It barely grows… it’s a very small, weak clone.  It puts out two or three pitchers a year, with each being only a foot tall or just over.  Anyway, in all the years I’ve had it… it hasn’t flowered.  This year was different!  It flowered!!! The flower was small too, only a couple of inches across.  So why is this such a big deal? I’ll tell you, this was the year I was finally able to make an antho free purpurea x flava!  it just so happens that my antho free purpurea venosa is also in bloom!!!

So last night, I went out and grabbed the pollen from the purpurea and pollinated the flava flower.  The flava also dropped a little bit of pollen, so I took what little there was and put it on the purpurea flower.  I figure if I cross both, I would be guaranteed to get seed as I didn’t know when this opportunity might present itself again.

As a side note, when pollinating Sarracenia, it’s a good idea to pollinate the flowers three or four times to ensure a good seed set.  Listening to my own advice, I planned to play “bee” for the next few evenings.

Then tragedy struck!  Before I left for work this morning, I went to check the bogs for squirrel damage (as I do each morning) as those damn things love to dig and uproot stuff. The squirrel ruts were the least of my worries, as I have new enemy to deal with… a RABBIT! This lovely critter decided to munch of my flowers last night.  There were about ten flowers laying down on the ground, nine of which were of no concern… but you can guess which one made me blow a gasket! yep the AF flava that bloomed for the first time in years, that I just pollinated last night!  Maybe I got lucky and the pollen that I did get that I put on the purpurea is enough for it set seed… but I doubt it!

Interesting, as I’ve been typing this post, a possible solution to the problem crossed my mind.  I don’t now if it will work, but I think I’ll give it a go. When I get home, I’m going to put the flower in a glass of water and hope that it will continue to drop pollen.  In the past, I’ve cut flowers off my plants and put them in a vase on the dining room table and they last a long time… I remember dumping them in my compost bin and seeing a rush of pollen fly into the air as I dropped them in!  Maybe I’ll get lucky…. I just hope that the rabbit doesn’t decide that my AF venosa looks its next meal!



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