A Guest Bog from South Carolina

bog in bloom 2013

This is probably the most IMPRESSIVE outdoor bog garden I have ever had the opportunity to visit.  When I was in the Carolina’s last summer, I was lucky to meet up with Mark, a local who took me around the piedmont bogs to see jonesii and mountain purpurea in situ… again, huge thanks Mark!  After our day, Jay and I went back to Mark’s place to see his outdoor bog and greenhouse.  This photo does not do the bog justice!  It is an amazing, man made wetland, beautifully landscape for not only beauty, but functionality.  There are rock pathways that allow you to “walk in the bog” to better observe the plants. The pebbly shorelines host drosera and islands of plants scattered are throughout.

What’s really cool is where the water comes from to create this habitat.  There is a small creek that flows down the hillside on the property.  Using a hose, some of the water is diverted into the top end of the bog. At the bottom end of the wetland there is a drain, which drains the water back into the creek.  The plants always have a flow of fresh, clean water so the bog doesn’t stagnate!

Thanks Mark for sending me this photo and allowing me to share it!


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One Response to A Guest Bog from South Carolina

  1. Julian says:

    Magnificent. Congrats to Mark for one hell of a set up.

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