Sarracenia oreophila… I love this plant!

oreo1 oreo2Sarracenia oreophila has always been a great performer for me in my conditions.  Native to northeast Alabama, North Carolina and Georgia, its future in the wild is pretty tenuous.

In Georgia, Sarracenia oreophila is only found in one site in Towns County. In North Carolina, Sarracenia oreophila is also only known from one site (Clay County). The remaining 20 or so sites are all in Alabama, in Etowah and Cherokee Counties as well as Dekalb, Jackson, Marshall.

I had the opportunity last summer to have a guided tour of the Georgia and North Carolina sites by one of the Nature Conservancy Gurus.  I’m happy to report that both sites are well maintained and the plants look healthy.

For some reason, certain plants don’t perform as well in cultivation as they do in the wild. For instance, my leuco’s never look as good or are as large as wild plants!  They are never as big, never as robust…  I’m sure there are a list of reasons as long as my arm as to why, however, S. oreophila is not one of those plants.

In my conditions, S. oreophila consistently produces large robust leaves and prolific flowers.  With pitchers persisting through to mid summer.  They then produce another flush of pitchers in the fall.  This is one of those plants that I feel is underated. Your don’t hear many growers bragging about their oreophilas. I know, they are are not as flashy as leucos or those awesome colored flava’s, or some of those flashy hybrids…. but let me tell you, they are a hardy, robust and an all round great performer!  If you are not growing them you should!


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4 Responses to Sarracenia oreophila… I love this plant!

  1. Maryjane Mazur says:

    These too are my favourite as well. Dad says it brings back memories of his trip with you & Jay seeing them out in the wild.

  2. Paul Barden says:

    I love my lone specimen of oreophila as well! It’s no mystery why this is so often used in the making of hybrids.

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