Well it worked… but not too happy


Ok… so a few posts ago, I posted about these really cool little greenhouse thingies.  They came complete with peat pellets!  So I thought I’d give them a whirl with my seeds.  My report is stated in the title, they worked, but I’m not too happy.

You can see in the photo all the green sludge. The sludge in this photo is not too bad, but others were worse.  This required a very tedious replant.  With my “usual” method of staring Sarracenia, they are in their community pots for at least 1 growing season… however, these barely germinated seedlings need to be moved out into new pots with fresh medium.

Lesson learned!


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2 Responses to Well it worked… but not too happy

  1. Maryjane Mazur says:

    Dad says they look like burnt tenderloin wrapped in bacon. Do look pretty sad looking.

  2. Peter Keller says:

    I used them for almost all seedings, encluding CP, may have been something wrong with that batch. Never saw anything like that, soggy and falling apart maybe

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