This was a Surprise

redfiliDrosera filiformis var filiformis is a great sundew for growing in northern climates.  It is not only very cold hardy, its very colorful and showy compared to other North American Drosera species.

My bog gardens are loaded with Drosera filiformis var filiformis.  This form is native to the northeastern US and and from three sites in southern Nova Scotia, Canada. There are also a number of disjunct populations in North Carolina.

Drosera filiformis var tracyi is the southern form of this plant, it grows in the Florida panhandle and west to Louisiana (so says wikipedia!). Because it also forms hibernacula just like its northern counterpart,  I figured it was hardy enough to survive here.  I’ve tried it a number of times with mixed results, some years it  comes through, others it rots! The majority of trials have been a failure. Its safe to say that here in my conditions, var tracyi is not a good choice for outdoor cultivation.

I also grow ‘x california sunset’. it is hybrid between var filiformis and var tracyi. It is very robust and grows very well here in zone6b.  This is likely due to the var filiformis gentics.

Last summer, I decided to try the last of the filiformis varieties outside.  There is a form of red filiformis (pictured above)  that come from the panhandle of Florida.  They are considered var filiformis (I think), but in my opinion deserve their own taxonomic status.  They are morphologically different in many ways.  I’ve read that in some cases, it forms hibernacula, and in some cases it doesn’t.  Being a native to the gulf coast, I figured they would not survive outdoors here.

I got a couple of young plants from a friend and put them in the bog last summer, fully expecting them to turn into a black puddle of mush come spring.  To my surpise, as I was pulling out seedling Dawn Redwood trees from my bogs, I spotted these little filiformis sundews in the place where I put them last summer! They were alive and well and growing like crazy.  I will have to see if this was just a fluke, or if they will persist year to year!  Hopefully they will!


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2 Responses to This was a Surprise

  1. Maryjane Mazur says:

    Did we not see this sundew in Georgia near our campsite? I remember bladder warts, they were the ones in the water, is that correct or I am imagining things? Good luck with the marking, love, mom.

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