Could be a catesbaei AF


This is the AF purp that I pollinated with the AF flava . I only hit it once before the rabbit amputated the flower of the AF flava… Maybe I got lucky, or maybe something else pollinated it. I never bothered to cover the flower after the flava flower was destroyed… Time will tell


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4 Responses to Could be a catesbaei AF

  1. Maryjane Mazur says:

    What color is the flower when in bloom?

  2. ada says:

    just read this post carl,we have them already in the u.k,ask Aiden or if you remember me(ada)

    • Carl Mazur says:

      Yes, I know… However, I wanted to make one myself 🙂 If you know of an AF minor x flava or AF purp x minor drop me aline

  3. ada says:

    Carl, i did the af minor x af purp venosa last year,i got a few seeds(The flowers were out of cinq)didn’t get great germination but i have 5 seedlings that look o.k,just got to get through their first winter.None of mt AF flava’s flowered last year,repotted now so fingers crossed.

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