I know…it doesn’t look special


I was just walking around the bogs and happened to see this guy. I’d have to check my records to get the details correct, but this plant is a division from a plant that was originally collected in Baldwin county Alabama by a famous botanist (whose name escapes me at the moment… Must not have been that famous). Anyway… it was collected in the early 1940s and has been divided ever since. I’ve distributed selfed seeds from this plant for years…. But this is an actual division propagated plant.

So what is this this plant?

It is a flava x rubra cross. What’s cool is that it is a flava x rubra wherryii. Why is that special… Cause flava has been extirpated in Baldwin (except for the late Bob Hanrahans property) for many years. I’m gonna say 25…. But I have nothing up my sleeve to back that up that claim… Just what I’ve heard.

Someone reading this might know of locations for flava in Baldwin …. And there goes my theory.



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One Response to I know…it doesn’t look special

  1. Maryjane Mazur says:

    It is beautiful, looks so stately

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