A few photos from this morning!

I was out this morning looking at some of my plants… and thought I’d take a few photos.

This first one is a hybrid from my friend Jay from around the corner… He lets the bees randomly pollinate the plants in his outdoor bog.  Every season, he collects the seed and germinates it so see what mother nature put together.  This is one here, I think he said he collected the capsule off of “flies demise”, but what pollinated it is unknown.  Very cool plant!


Below is a photo of my Anthocyanin free Drosera intermedia.  The plants are about 3 inches across!


The next couple of photos are from my newly installed flytrap bog.  I’m going to estimate that due to our cold spring and slow start, the blooming is about a week behind.


flytrap1Below is a North Carolina Drosera filiformis, and a S. flava var atropurpurea trying its hardest to get red!!


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