Wabbit Season! Duck Season!… Leuco Season!!!

This sequence from Looney Tunes has to be one of the most clever ever written…. However, it is not Duck season, or Wabbit Season!  It’s lueco Season!!!


Sarracenia leucophylla is, in my opinion, the most striking and one of the most varied of all the Sarracenia species.  Even though some of these variations have been given formal taxonomic status by Don Schnell and Stuart McPherson, there is extensive variation in these taxa.

Regardless of the taxonomic designation, S. leucophylla plants all follow the same growth pattern.  They sends up a few (no impressive) pitchers in the spring, with the flowers appearing before the pitchers… then in many cases, S. leucophylla either stops growing, or produces phyllodia over the hot summer months. Then in late summer, early fall, it starts producing its largest most impressive pitcher of the season!  I look forward to the fall every year when my leucos put on their best show. The plants will continue pitchering until they are hit with a good frost!, for me… that’s usually late October.

This is a cultivar know as “Schnell’s Ghost”. It is a green and white clone of S. leucophylla that produces yellow flowers.  Its not anthocyanin free however, they growth point clearly shows evidence of red pigment.  Also the leaves, when damaged, mark with red. You can see the red spots on the leaf below.

schnells g


Ok… so whats different about this one!?  Its also a green and white form of S. leucophylla, affectionately know as “Hurricane Creek”.  Again, this is also not antho free, as you can tell by the red pigment showing up at damaged points on the leaf. This plant also differs from “schnell’s ghost” in that it has a typical dark red (wine colored) flower.



This is the real McCoy!  This is actually a new clone created by my long time friend John Hummer.  He crossed out a number of AF leucos on his property in hopes of getting a robust plant with good white coloring… this is one of the seedlings I raised from seed he sent me.  I’m liking this plant a lot.  Look at it, in comparison to the photo below it of one of the other AF clones I have.  Much nicer.





The rest of this post will just be some photos of various colored leucos and leuco hybrids. One nice thing about using leuco for breeding is that you get plants that produce amazing pitchers in the fall!!! and if you cross them with plants that pitcher well in the spring and summer, you get a hybrid that produces nice leaves all season long! Of course, you also get to introduce that amazing white color into the hybrid!









And now some hybrids!










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One Response to Wabbit Season! Duck Season!… Leuco Season!!!

  1. Julian says:

    Nice Carl. I agree about that AF clone. It is a real beauty! Nice hybrids too. All stocked up with pine needles for winter?

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