And the Battle Continues


Here we are, late October going into early November in zone6B. The milder weather of Autumn has been battling the cooler weather of early Winter, on and off… and more often than not, the cooler weather is winning now.  Eventually, Autumn will lose and Winter will win the war! At least until Spring comes to town!

Tomorrow is supposed to get up to 17C (64F ish).  Mild for this time of year, though not terribly unusual. Look at that low of 13C (55F ish)… Warm wins!! for today… then on Sunday, Cold wins again!

Regardless, the season for Sarracenia is grinding to a stop here. It won’t be long before I start my fall time cleanup routine and start prepping for the inevitable (winter) ! If things go well, we won’t have any significant snow fall here until Christmas or New Years, however, the bogs will need to have all the leaves cleaned out, and a cover of pine needles to protect the plants from the cold winds.  Once the snow comes, I won’t worry. Pine needles or not, the snow will act like a comforter and keep the plants protected and warm at a comfortable 0C (32F) until spring!

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the next few days of mild weather!

Oh, some time ago, I dedicated a post to this.  If you look closely at the bottom right of the photo below, you will see some purple/blue flowers – Gentiana autumnalis.  This is last flower of my season here.  It starts blooming around mid October here and goes until a good freeze.



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